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X-ray machine X-ray machine exposure hand switch line length 3 meters / 6 meters / 10 meters two-speed three-core

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:7月 11, 2022

Hand switchs are essential in radiology equipment, mainly used to control the exposure state of X-rays. When purchasing a handbrake, pay attention to the following issues.
The handbrake has a second gear and a third gear, and the first gear is directly exposed, which is mainly suitable for dental X-ray machines. Two-speed hand brake, one-speed preparatory exposure, and second-speed exposure, which are common in various X-ray machines. The three-speed handbrake is a pre-exposure, a second-speed exposure, and a third-speed control collimator. Because the price is relatively high, it is used less.
Common two-speed handbrakes have three cores and four cores. Among them, the three cores have three cores as the name suggests, one of the three wires is the common terminal, and the other two wires control the two gears respectively.
In addition, the length of the handswitch wire is also an issue that needs to be considered. Too long and too short are inconvenient to use, and the price is different for different lengths, so you need to carefully confirm the length. If the exposure is controlled outside the lead room, the handbrake line will be longer. The standard handbrake cable length is generally 3 meters, other lengths such as 6 meters or 10 meters can also be customized according to customer requirements.
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