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X-ray Exposure Hand Switch

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X-ray Foot Switch

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Newheek as an original manufacturer of x-ray machine accessories x ray exposure hand switch and x ray foot switch for more than 16 years.
X ray hand switch and x ray foot switch can help the doctor or operator far away x ray radiation and operate x ray equipment safely, easily and conveniently.
Our x ray hand switch and x ray foot switch is widely used on medical x ray machine, industrial x ray machine as well as vet x ray machine.
Especially X-ray exposure hand switch can match with Siemens or GE x ray equipment and so on.
As well as the x ray hand switch is applicable to beauty laser device, healthy recovery device etc field....... [More + ]

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An interconnect cable for Brivo OEC 850

Camilo Rodriguez2017-12-20 10:39 Hi. Do you maybe have available an interconnect cable for Brivo OEC 850 (part number 5435248) or do you know where can i get it? thank you. [More + ]

X ray exposure hand switch for portable mobile

AMMAR MAKKAWI2017-12-11 11:23 Hi, I’m interested in your product x ray exposure hand switch for portable mobile radiology diagnostic x ray machine, I would like some more details. I look forward......[More + ]

The paypal invoice for 10 units hand switches

reynaldo estela2017-09-16 01:30 can yuo please sent me the paypal invoice for 10 units [More + ]

Price for one piece of hand switches

roopa gm2017-08-31 21:26 Please provide price for one piece [More + ]

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Super Product Quality With Best Price And Service

Our products have many authoritative certificates, such as CE, CMD and so on.
We promise customers to buy the most cost-effective products here.

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The Most Complete X - ray Machine Switch Accessories

We have all kinds of x-ray exposure hand switch and x-ray foot switch, there is always a right for you.

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On The Problem Of Product Customization

We offer the x-ray hand switch and x-ray foot switch style customization.
We have the most professional product R & D team.

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The Most Perfect After-Sale Experience

We can provide the shortest delivery and the longest warranty.
We will solve all the problems you are worried about.


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