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newheek x-ray hand switch

A wireless hand switch applied to X-ray machine

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:7月 11, 2022

A wireless handswitch applied to an X-ray machine. Our company Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. produces and sells handbrake switches of wireless style, and exports of wireless bluetooth hand switches. In addition, our company also produces and sells wired hand brake switches that can be equipped with high-voltage generators, dental X-ray machines and other equipment.
Just show you our wireless hand switch: suitable for portable, mobile X-ray, C-arm, RF X-ray.
Delay function:
Press the “Exposure” button, the delay starts, and the automatic exposure operation of the X-ray machine is completed within the set time.
When the exposure is completed, the buzzer will beep intermittently (beep once every 1S), that is, the exposure is over. Press the “Reset” button on the remote control (the beeping stops) to perform the next exposure operation. During the delay process, press the “Reset” key to cancel the exposure operation.
Features: Suitable for long-distance exposure control to avoid X-ray radiation.
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