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What are your requirements for xray switch?

Author:Abby    Time:1月 04, 2019

Now, the development and production of X-ray exposure hand switch has become mature, people choose more, pay more attention to the high experience of hand-brake switch, more and more types of xray switch, so that people do not know how to choose the xray switch.
What are your requirements for xray switch
From the perspective of economic applicability, when choosing xray switch, we should first measure the budget of purchasing xray switch. How long coils can keep you away from radiation and meet your needs? What kind of machine are you using? What’s the configuration of your X-ray machine? If you don’t need to control the LED lamp of the beam limiter, the movement of the bed, you can use the second xray switch. Otherwise, you can choose the third xray switch.
What are your requirements for xray switch

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