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Material and Structure of holder mobile hand

Author:Abby    Time:1月 04, 2019

The x ray hand switch is a control component for medical treatment. Its shell material is ABS engineering plastics. The holder mobile hand has excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance of PC resin, and excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin.
Material and Structure of holder mobile hand
For the second-class holder mobile hand, three-core wires are generally used. The wiring method is usually red wiring, white wiring and public wiring.
Newheek’s holder mobile hand material requires that when the holder mobile hand is used, the ambient temperature range can be – 20 – 70, the relative temperature should be 93%, and the atmospheric pressure should be between 50 – 106 kPa.
In normal environment, the life of holder mobile hand can reach 1000000 times and electric life can reach 100000 times under the condition of mistaken belief of damage.

Material and Structure of holder mobile hand


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