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Why do you choose 2-speed hand switch?

Author:Abby    Time:1月 04, 2019

At present, many people will choose two brakes, two brakes have become a better choice for X-ray exposure operation. In fact, the second x ray exposure hand switch is more practical than the first hand switch.
Why do you choose 2-speed hand switch
The second hand switch has a reserve gear than the first hand switch . Generally, the first gear is the reserve gear. Pressing the second gear is the exposure completion. The existence of the reserve gear has a better use, that is, it can prevent operator’s mistake touch, especially the radiation of X-ray has harm to human body. The reserve gear is to prevent the mistake trigger from harming human body. At present, dental X-ray machine uses one-stop hand switch more, two-stop hand switch has been widely used in various types of X-ray machine, two-stop handbrake open. It is more advanced, more adaptable to people’s needs, and has higher security.
Why do you choose 2-speed hand switch

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