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What are the benefits of wireless hand switch?

Author:Alina    Time:12月 08, 2018

As we all know, with the development of technology and the progress of the R&D team, Newheek has now developed a wireless hand switch. In addition to controlling exposure, the hand switch has a hidden function that helps doctors and radiologists stay away from X-Ray. When the patient occasionally goes to the hospital for diagnosis, there is definitely no problem with using an X-ray machine. But doctors and radiographers will have physical health problems when they receive X-ray for a long time. As a result, Newheek’s R&D team began working on wireless hand switch products.

Background technique:

At present, the X-ray machine photography exposure hand switchs are mostly mechanical hand switchs. When checking, the two sets of contacts of the hand brake are respectively turned on by manually pressing the I and II two gears: the contacts are connected after the I gear is pressed. The photography preparation circuit completes the corresponding preparation action and prepares for the exposure. After the II speed is pressed, the contact is connected to the exposure circuit, the bulb is connected to the high voltage, and the X-ray tube starts to be exposed. After the predetermined time, the internal circuit is automatically broken. Open the high voltage and complete the exposure. The mechanical parts and contacts of the mechanical hand brake are easily damaged, the service life is short, and the connection line of the hand brake is short, which limits the distance between the operator and the X-ray machine, and is not conducive to the protection of medical workers.

Newheek Wireless Hand Switch for C-arm, U-arm, G-arm, Portable, Dental, Mobile X Ray.
Newheek wireless hand switch is designed for use with different x-ray system, includes c-arm, u-arm, mobile, portable, suspending, DR, dental etc x ray
Machine. Its function like the original wired hand switch, but wireless. It protects the operator far away radiation safely.
 Compatible with different x ray systems
 Full-duplex bluetooth design ensure security, safety and reliable
 Encrypted transmission
 Easy install and maintain
 One year full replacement warranty
 CE & Rohs approved

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