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Can the DR machine continuously emit exposure?

Author:Alina    Time:12月 10, 2018

To understand whether the DR X-ray machine can be continuously exposed, what is the principle of DR X-Ray machine exposure?
First of all, everyone should know that the X-Ray machine is exposed through the X-Ray Exposure hand switch. X-Ray Exposure hand switch is a hand-held switch. This product usually has two-stage classification switch. When the button is pressed, the button is released, the button is released, and the button is pressed to the first step. When the gear is turned on, the first gear remains open and the product is equipped with a fixed bracket. X-Ray Exposure hand switch is an electrical control accessory that can be used for the on/off of electrical signals, photographic equipment and photographic exposure of medical diagnostic X-ray machines. According to different needs, the products have different models, and the line length can be customized.
The classification of x ray hand switch led push switch head switch
Briefly introduce the Newheek X-Ray exposure hand switch:
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Q: So can the DR X-Ray machine continue to be exposed?
A: DR can’t be exposed all the time, and exposure to exposure dose is cut off. There are also 4 consecutive exposures like a barium meal, but the interval is shorter. Some DRs have a similar panorama camera’s jigsaw function, which is continuous from the head to the foot. As for whether or not the exposure has to be viewed by the manufacturer’s settings, it is generally prompted to expose the operator, and it is very tired to press the exposure for about one minute. The exposure interval generally refers to the cooling time after exposure of the system. This is to prevent the stadium from overheating. The heat capacity of the tube is larger, and the faster the heat dissipation, the shorter the interval is needed. If the tube is overheated, the core may melt and the tube will be burnt.
In summary, DR can not be exposed all the time.
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