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The L03 X-ray hand switch is equipped with a button to control the exposure of the X-ray collimator

Author:Lillian    Time:April 06, 2021

In today’s article, we will learn the structure and purpose of other types of hand switches. This time we will mainly understand the L03 X-ray hand switch.
Overview: The newheekL03 X-ray hand switch is a hand-held switch with a two-stage grading switch. Press the button to turn it on and release it to turn off. Press the button to the first step to turn on the first step, and all to press the second step to turn on. At this time, gear I is still connected, and the hand brake is equipped with a fixed bracket. In addition, L03 also has a green button, which specifically controls the exposure of the X-ray collimator, which is the difference between it and other hand brake switches.
The above is some basic information about the L03 type X-ray hand brake switch. After having a full understanding of the above, let’s get to know the structure of the L03 type hand brake.
Structure: The newheek L03 X-ray hand brake switch adopts mechanical push rod transmission, and the switch component adopts “OMRON” micro switch, which has longer service life and higher sensitivity. Compared with the L01 type hand switch and the L02 type X-ray hand switch, the L03 type X-ray hand switch also has a micro switch on one side of the handle, which can be connected to other equipment, and the control circuit is opened and closed.
The last is the purpose: the newheek L03 X-ray hand switch is an electrical control accessory, which can be used to control the on and off of electrical signals, the photographic exposure of photographic equipment and medical diagnostic X-ray machines. If you have any questions about the barrier, please contact us!

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