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Newheek can be customized from single to multiple X-ray foot switch

Author:Lillian    Time:April 06, 2021

customers consult our existing X-ray foot switch can solve this problem, tell the customer that this problem can be done without worry, our X-ray foot switch can be customized multi-link, such as double-link, Triple or multiple combination, so the customer’s problem can be easily solved. First, let’s review the content of the X-ray foot switch. There are many customers calling to consult the X-ray foot switch. Their existing X-ray foot switch is single, but in the operation process, there is only one X-ray foot switch in perspective.When the shell of the X-ray foot switch sinks under the action of external force, the contacts are closed and the circuit is connected to make the circuit energized to generate X-rays. When the foot shell is released At this time, due to the action of the spring, the contacts are disconnected and the circuit is opened to stop generating X-rays.
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The X-ray foot switch can control not only the start and end of the perspective, but also the spot photography during the perspective process.

Medical foot solutions for diagnostic X-ray machine

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About us: Newheek manufactures different types of x ray hand switches and x ray foot switches. X ray exposure hand switch is mainly used on portable x ray, mobile x ray, stationary x ray, analog x ray, digital x ray, radigraphy x ray etc x ray equipment. As well as X ray exposure hand switch is applicable to beauty laser device, healthy recovery device etc field. X ray foot switch is widely used on medical fluoroscopy x ray machine, ultrasound, health beauty equipment and industrial etc field.
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