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Proper use of wireless switches

Author:Abby    Time:10月 09, 2018

1.Wireless switches can not be too slow.
The 2 stage wireless switches is pressed 2 times. After the first gear is pressed, press the second gear. The two time press time control is about 2 seconds, which is the correct operation method.
However, some operators are accustomed to press the first gear, has not adjusted the patient’s position, will leave too long for the patient to adjust, not connected to press the second gear, then the bulb filament in the burning state of waiting, will greatly reduce the filament life, the tube life will be shortened.
2. The wireless switches is stuck, pressing the resistance is large, or after pressing, the key does not pop smoothly. In this case, the bulb of the bulb will also be heated and the life of the tube will be shortened. So check the wireless switches regularly, and maintain good usage habits, once the above situation, need to replace the wireless switches immediately.
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