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Medical switch controls the pet X-ray machine

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 09, 2018

Medical switch can be used for pet X-ray machines. Pet X-ray machine is a fixed X-ray machine, adopting high frequency inverter technology, which greatly improves the image quality. This shortens exposure time while reducing radiation damage to doctors’ patients. Medical switch controls exposure, fast and accurate. Pet X-ray machine is usually equipped with two types of hand brake, and Newheek two types of medical switch are divided into three types: L01,L02 and L04.Its functional characteristics are basically the same. The two levels of grading switch press the button to open, release to break, press the button to the first step 1 to connect, all press the second level to connect.
Use the medical switch to control the X-ray exposure, which can avoid the radiation damage to the operator. Its circuit is simple and its installation is simple. It only needs to take its working voltage from the host and connect the two sets of contacts with the two sets of contacts of medical switch in parallel to realize the purpose of remote operation.
Newheek medical switch can be configured with a holder or a connector. We have a strong after-sales service system can provide services or parts supply at any time, to ensure the long-term stability of users.
Medical switch

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