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Double footswitch controls perspective

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 09, 2018

The double footswitch can control the medical fluoroscopy machine, and the X-ray dose of the fluoroscopy machine can be automatically adjusted to the best dose and can be dynamically adjusted in real time. Double footswitch is made of an iron, aluminum alloy or non-metal insulated enclosure with one or two sets of bonding points. When under foot, the insulating pressure bar presses the contact, and when the foot is picked up, the pressure bar is reset and the contact is disconnected due to the force of the spring.
When doctors perform fluoroscopy for patients, they should operate the buttons related to fluorescent screen and aperture with both hands, observe the lesions carefully, and analyze the nature of lesions with clinical experience. Double footswitch control fluoroscopy controller can automate the control procedures, relieve the mental burden of radiologists, and extend the service life of X-ray tubes.The double footswitch control program greatly simplifies operation procedures, enabling radiologists to focus on observation and analysis of lesions and make accurate diagnosis.
Newheek double footswitch is divided into single, double, triple and quadruple. Moreover, our biggest advantage is that we can customize waterproof function for double footswitch to guarantee the quality of double footswitch.
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