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Micro switch controls the c-arm X-ray machine

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 16, 2018

Micro switch is used to control exposure and, second, to keep doctors away from radiation. C-arm X-ray machine is suitable for diagnosis of human esophagus, chest, gastrointestinal, abdomen, limbs and other parts by continuous fluoroscopy. High quality combined high frequency and high pressure X-ray generator, no high voltage cable design, reduce loss, good quality of radiation, clear image.
x ray hand switch control mode, flexible switch, easy to apply. With the perspective KV/MA automatic tracking function, the image brightness and clarity is always in the best state. It has the function of electric up and down, electric horizontal movement and electric rotation, and realizes the way of the motorized person not to move, so it is safe and reliable to use.
Micro switch
Micro switch control, can quickly accurate exposure. All-purpose mechanical motion control bar with micro switch for exposure. The micro switch of the screen and aperture is controlled by both hands when the doctor is examining the patient.
The Newheek micro switch is split into wired and wireless.The wire micro switch consists of a handle, coil, core, bracket and connector. Applicable to different types of X-ray machines.

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