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The use of double pole switch

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 16, 2018

Double pole switch is usually used to control the exposure of an X-ray machine. In medical situations, medical X-ray machines are mainly used to X-ray the organs and tissues of patients in clinical diagnosis. When the doctor operates the medical X-ray machine, press the double pole switch to trigger the corresponding X-ray exposure operation.
x ray hand switch is divided into wire double pole switch and wireless double pole switch. The wire double pole switch is connected to the X-ray machine through a data line used to transmit instructions. When the user presses the button above the hand brake, corresponding instructions are transmitted to the X-ray machine through the data line and the corresponding operation is controlled by the X-ray machine.
Double pole switch
For example, when the first button is pressed, the “exposure preparation” command will be issued. When the second button is pressed, the “exposure start” command will be issued.
Wireless double pole switch, including: button, used to trigger the instruction to X-ray machine; And a wireless transmission module, which receives instructions and sends them wirelessly to the X-ray machine.
Newheek double pole switch is divided into various types and models. The cable double pole switch is divided into six types: L01,L02,L03,L04,L05 and L06, which are respectively applicable to different X-ray machines. Customers can choose double pole switch according to your needs.

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