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Application of foot pedal switches

Author:Abby    Time:October 16, 2018

The foot pedal switches is a kind of switch which controls the turn-on and turn-off of the machine circuit by the pedal. It is used in the control circuit which can not be touched by both hands to replace the operation of both hands.
x ray foot switch can be used in medical equipment, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment, printing machinery and other equipment, the scope of application is very wide.
The foot pedal switches can also be used in the electronics industry, such as small diamond Kong and terminal machine configuration. It has automatic and inch movement, and the inch movement is controlled by foot pedal switches. Step on it for a journey. A simple pedal switch is actually a built-in stroke switch, which is executed when the pedal is powered on. But in the field of welding, the function of foot pedal switches is also responsible for controlling the size of output current.
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