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Introduction of Wireless hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:12月 21, 2021

Principle of Wireless hand switch: Wireless hand switch is a combination of transmitter and receiver. The transmitter encodes the control buttons of the controller and modulates it to a radio frequency signal to transmit a wireless signal. The receiver encodes and decodes the received wireless signal, and then controls the corresponding circuit to work. With the advancement of technology, wireless wireless hand switch has been widely used in the fields of industrial control and wireless smart home.
Classification of Wireless hand switch: According to the carrier of the transmission control command signal, it can be divided into: radio, ultrasonic, infrared remote control, according to the number of commands that can be transmitted at the same time, it can be divided into: single-channel and multi-channel remote control, according to the command signal The control technology of the controlled target can be divided into: switch type proportional remote control.
The composition of the Wireless hand switch: The commonly used Wireless hand switch is composed of two parts: transmitting and receiving. The transmitting part is the remote control and the transmitting module. The remote control is used independently as a whole machine. There are wiring pile heads to the outside. The remote control module is used as a component. The receiving part is the super heterodyne and super regenerative receiving methods.
If you also want to upgrade your wired hand switch to a Wireless hand switch, please consult.

Wireless hand switch

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