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Wireless Bluetooth Exposure Hand Switch

Author:Lillian    Time:12月 20, 2021

Some customers are very interested in seeing our wireless Bluetooth exposure hand switch. Let me introduce the wireless Bluetooth exposure hand switch. Traditional medical X-ray machines and industrial X-ray machines generally adopt the wireless hand switch exposure method.
This method is constrained by the connection, the operator cannot stay away from the radiation area, and it is easy to cause unnecessary radiation damage.
On the other hand, the cable of the wired hand switch stretches back and forth, which is prone to short-circuit and false triggering problems, resulting in a sharp increase in maintenance frequency and cost, which is not conducive to safety protection.
For this reason, we at Newheek developed a wireless Bluetooth exposure hand switch based on the Bluetooth protocol, which can achieve remote exposure of X-ray machines within a range of 10 meters.
The main features of wireless Bluetooth exposure hand switch are:
1. Full-duplex mode of Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, reliable connection, outstanding performance through wall;
2. When the battery is weak and the Bluetooth connection is poor, the indicator light flashes.
3. According to the characteristics of the X-ray machine and the development of two-step three-key control mode;
4. Compact and easy to use receiving end, hidden fixed and hanging installation;
5. Receiving terminal three relay contact output, external voltage line connection, no need to change the original machine working mode.
6. The control mode can be customized according to customer requirements.
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