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Anti-epidemic, hand switch plays an important role

Author:Amy    Time:5月 15, 2020

According to reports, on May 9th and 10th, Wuhan added a total of 6 new confirmed cases of new pneumonia, breaking the record of 35 consecutive days of no new confirmed cases in Hubei Province. According to expert analysis, there were 20 confirmed cases in the community. After organizing experts to investigate and analyze various factors, the cause should be mainly from previous community infections.
Urgent notification requirements, each district should make a nucleic acid screening plan for all staff in its jurisdiction within a 10-day period. Each district is responsible for formulating a specific implementation plan based on the population size of the jurisdiction, normalizing the prevention and control requirements of the epidemic situation, and the actual situation of the district; (Sampling time specific to streets and communities) and other matters.
For nucleic acid screening, the key points should be highlighted to ensure priority coverage of key populations and key areas. The focus should be on old communities, densely populated communities, and areas with concentrated floating population. The scope of the investigation should include permanent residents and floating population in the jurisdiction.
In the critical period of the global fight against the epidemic, the domestic situation is still grim. We still need to do a good job of prevention and control. The rational use of X-ray machines and mobile DR is very critical for timely screening. In addition, our company also provides bucky stands and DR detectors. There are star products exposed hand switches, etc., welcome to consult and purchase!


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