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Classification and composition of wireless remote control X ray hand switch

Author:Jamy    Time:5月 15, 2020

At present, many medical and health institutions and scientific research institutions in the world have published the relevant detection or research results of new coronary pneumonia cases. The results show that the earliest new coronary pneumonia cases in some European and American countries may be traced to last winter.
In addition, some officials and scholars also hinted in their interviews that the new crown epidemic may have occurred earlier than the official announcement, about the fourth quarter of last year.
Some ordinary patients even said that they may have been infected very early!

Wireless remote control X ray hand switch-classification: according to the carrier of the transmission control command signal, it can be divided into: radio, ultrasonic, infrared remote control, according to the number of commands that can be transmitted at the same time can be divided into: single-channel and multi-channel remote control, according to the command The control technology of the signal to the controlled target can be divided into: switch-type proportional remote control.

Wireless remote control X ray hand switch-composition: The daily commonly used wireless remote control switch is composed of two parts: transmitting and receiving. The transmitter part is the remote controller and the transmitter module. The remote controller is used independently as a complete machine, and the wiring pile head is led to the outside. The remote controller module is used as a component. The receiver part is the super heterodyne and super regenerative receiving mode. If you have any questions here, please call our company.

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