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newheek x-ray hand switch

X-ray exposure hand switch manufacturer Newheek

Author:Alina    Time:5月 20, 2020

Newheek is the manufacturer of x ray exposure hand switch. Newheek not only manufactures X ray machines, but also manufactures high voltage cables, image intensifiers, collimator and radiology table etc.

X ray exposure hand switch is Newheek’s hot sale products.
Newheek x ray exposure hand swich has a good operating feel with a snap action mechanism.
Newheek x ray exposure hand swich Easy to hold by hand.

What are the advantages of the two-position X-ray exposure hand switch L02
Newheek x ray exposure hand swich achieves long strokes through a unique mechanism.
Newheek x ray exposure hand swich has long experience in a variety of applications.
Newheek x ray exposure hand swich Characters:
1. Adopt Omron Inner Switch 2. Mechanical Life of 1,000,000 Times
3. Super ABS Housing 4. Electric Life of 200,000 Times
L01 Configuration:
Standard: 3-core, 3m-wire/ 4-core, 3m-wire
Customized: 3-core, 6m or 10m wire/ 4-core, 6m or 10m wire Other requirement
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