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Author:Lillian    Time:11月 30, 2021

Recently, I have received calls from many customers to ask what are the standard configurations of the X-ray foot switch? X-ray foot switch should be How to use it?After the introduction of the previous articles, the street has a very clear understanding of the X-ray foot switch. Then let me tell you some standard configurations of using X-ray foot switch.The standard configuration of the X-ray foot switch is RVV0.5mm2×2m cable, and you can also customize and install Φ6.35mm audio plug, Φ3.5mm audio plug, DB9 serial port plug or other cable ends as required.
These are some of the standard configuration of X-ray foot switch in use, the most important point is: we can also accept special customization, you need to summarize your requirements and report to us in advance, we will customize according to your requirements Customized X-ray foot switch. I hope to solve your confusion. If you still don’t understand or are interested, please contact us.
Our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile chest frames, image intensifier TV systems and various types of x-ray machine parts If you still don’t understand or are interested, please contact us! I hope my sharing will help everyone.



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