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Will the X-ray machine exposure hand switch be operated incorrectly during use and continue to expose?

Author:Lillian    Time:11月 29, 2021

If it is a mobile or portable X-ray machine, during the exposure process, each press of the X-ray machine exposure hand switch will only expose once. After the single exposure is over, if you want to expose again, you need to release the X-ray machine exposure hand switch. Then press the switch button again. If it is a fixed device, an X-ray machine with automatic stitching function can be used for multiple exposures with X-ray machine exposure hand switch. The entire exposure process is generally about 3 times. Finally, and most importantly, the laws and regulations have strict regulations on the exposure prompt of X-ray machine exposure hand switch. There must be designated icons, exposure time, sound and other indicators, so there will be overtime protection measures when designing the system. Therefore, in a normal use environment, the probability of misoperation of continuous exposure with X-ray machine exposure hand switch is extremely low.


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