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Why is the wiring of the X-Ray hand switch designed as a coil?

Author:Alina    Time:12月 15, 2018

The Newheek X-Ray exposure hand switch consists of a handle and a coil. Usually when we introduce to customers, we will say that we have 4 core 3m wire
 (use 3m straight wire make into 30cm spring coil wire).

Then the problem is coming. Why design the X-Ray exposure hand switch line like this? The reason is to make it easier for doctors or radiologists to stay away from the dangers of radiation. As we all know, the radiation hazard is very large. Normally, ultraviolet rays must be protected against X-Ray.

Let’s generalize the hazards of radiation:

Radiation damage, X-ray is an electromagnetic wave with a large energy and a very short wavelength, which causes cancer damage caused by damage to the human body.

Protection principle: Under the premise of not affecting the effect of interventional diagnosis and treatment, the amount of radiation received by patients and staff should be as low as possible. It can be achieved by shortening the irradiation time by X-rays, increasing the use and distance radiation shielding.

Policies and Regulations: Detailed requirements can be formulated by reference to the laws and regulations such as X-ray Diagnostic Radiological Health Protection Standards, Medical Diagnostic X-ray Health Protection Standards, and Children’s X-ray Diagnostic Radiological Protection Standards. And protection principles.

Therefore, the coil design of the Newheek X-Ray exposure hand switch is very reasonable.

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