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Do you know how to protect X-Ray?

Author:Alina    Time:12月 15, 2018

Do you know what protection is the coil design of the Newheek hand switch? Do you know why the design of the hand switch is designed in the form of a coil?

X ray exposure hand switch performance advantages
I don’t know if it doesn’t matter. You will know when you read this article today.

There are four aspects to X-ray protection. Today I will give you a little general knowledge of X-Ray protection.

There are four aspects to X-ray protection, as follows:

Patient protection:
Medical staff cannot ignore the protection of patients and subjects because they only come to the hospital for treatment (surgery). The subjects should also have self-protection awareness and refuse unreasonable medical exposure. In order to avoid unnecessary X-ray exposure, the appropriate X-ray examination method should be selected to design the correct examination treatment procedure. Wear protective equipment (lead aprons, lead collars, lead caps, lead eyes, lead gloves, dental protective skirts, etc.) on areas that do not require inspection.

Shielding protection and distance protection: Shielding protection refers to the use of substances with a high atomic number, commonly used lead or lead-containing substances, as a barrier to absorb unnecessary X-rays. Distance protection refers to the principle that the X-ray exposure is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and the exposure is reduced by increasing the distance between the X-ray source and the human body. Increasing the distance between the human body and the X-ray source for distance protection is an easy measure.

Protective measures basic protection: According to the requirements of the national C-arm X-ray machine protection facilities, the operating room for the C-arm machine should be a special operation room with X-ray protection and supporting protective equipment.

Time protection:
Time protection means shortening the X-ray exposure time. Under the premise of satisfying the diagnosis and treatment quality, the shorter the exposure time, the smaller the exposure of the operator and the patient, and the two are directly proportional. Time protection requires the operator of the C-arm machine to be skilled and avoid repeated exposure.

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