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Which model X-ray machine is suitable for one-step hand switch?

Author:Lillian    Time:7月 08, 2021

Hand switch is used to control exposure. The panoramic X-ray machine has the ability of panoramic imaging, easy to operate and is suitable for all levels of oral medicine.
Hand switch performance features are: full color display graphical user interface, diversified imaging procedures, patient lateral positioning and open patient positioning. This property of automatically calibrating imaging geometry results in the generation of the correct undistorted image for each exposure.In addition to the standard panoramic image, it also provides more imaging procedures for special diagnostic purposes: children’s panoramic image, vertical subarea cast, maxillary sinus, bilateral temporomandibular joint, adjustable Angle TMJ, cross-sectional tomography, etc.Choosing the correct exposure mode of the hand switch can also minimize radiation doses for different diagnostic purposes.Because dental X-ray machine radiation dose is small, equipped with hand switch is mainly to control exposure and help doctors stay away from radiation, so only need to be equipped with a hand brake.The Newheek L06 hand switch is driven by mechanical press lever, and the switch assembly adopts “OMRON” micro switch, which has longer service life and higher sensitivity.

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