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What types of exposure handswitchs are there?

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 13, 2022

Our X-ray machine exposure hand switchs have various styles, and there are many kinds for customers to choose from. X-ray machine exposure handbrakes can be divided into wired handbrakes, wireless handbrakes and Bluetooth handbrakes. Let’s take a look at wired handbrakes first.
Our wired handbrake switches can be divided into three categories. L05 and L06 are the first-grade handbrakes, which can be directly exposed. L05 and L06 are all Omron switches designed with long service life. The L05 button material is metal, and the L06 button material is the same as the shell material, which can be applied to dental X-ray machine, gastrointestinal machine, digital gastrointestinal machine, and X-ray machine for gastrointestinal examination.
L01, L02, and L04 are the second-gear hand brakes. The first step controls the exposure preparation state, and the second step controls the exposure. The interior of L01 and L02 are designed with double knobs and double microswitches, spring bar trigger design, L01 button switch is a plane step, L02 button switch is a concave step. L04 is designed for Omron internal switch and has a long service life. Can be used for digital film machine, digital DR gastroenterology machine, DRX light machine, C-arm.
L03 is a three-speed hand brake, the first gear controls the exposure preparation state, the second gear controls the exposure, and the third gear controls the collimator. L03 is designed for Omron internal switch and has a long service life. Suitable for C-arm X-ray machine, portable X-ray machine, veterinary X-ray machine.
In addition to wired handswitchs, our company also has wireless handswitchs and bluetooth handswitchs. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

The type and structure of the exposure switch

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