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What are the common faults of the exposure foot switch of the mobile X-ray machine

Author:Lillian    Time:11月 15, 2021

In medical equipment, it is often found that a foot switch is not connected to the bottom of each device. We usually call it an exposure foot switch. The function of the foot switch is to expose the X-ray machine. Today it is received from Changzhou. The customer calls, the exposure foot switch of the mobile X-ray machine is broken and is ready to be replaced. Ask if our company has a dual exposure foot switch and can set the working status separately, answer the customer our company has single, double, The exposure foot switch of triple and quadruple, each can be set individually.
The mobile X-ray machine is a kind of medical imaging equipment commonly used in orthopedic surgery. In order to prevent contact pollution during the operation, the fluoroscopy or photographing functions of this type of equipment are controlled by the exposure foot switch. At present, most of the C , The exposure foot switch of the G-arm adopts a wire control method, that is, the exposure foot switch and the host are connected by a cable. The exposure foot switch is usually placed on the ground. When using it, you only need to step on the corresponding exposure foot switch. It can complete the fluoroscopy or camera function; because the exposure foot switch of the mobile X-ray machine is frequently used during the operation, its failure rate is correspondingly high; summing up its failure types, it is found that the proportion of the failure of the connecting cable is relatively high, so there is Many hospitals and clinics will purchase the exposure foot switch separately.

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