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Exposure hand switch pressed, no response

Author:Lillian    Time:11月 12, 2021

Exposure hand switch shooting is completed by many parts. After the exposure hand switch is pressed, the high voltage generator provides high voltage for the bulb assembly. The filament control board in the high voltage generator rectifies the AC voltage of 220 V into DC voltage. According to the filament preheating instruction issued by the CPU board, the low frequency DC voltage in the exposure hand switch is inverted into high frequency AC voltage, which is transmitted to the filament transformer primary of the high voltage tank, After transformer transformation, the filament is transmitted to the bulb through high voltage cable. At the same time, there is a filament feedback circuit in the filament control board to monitor the heating of the filament in real time. Then it sends out X-rays, penetrates the human body, hits the flat panel detector, and sees the image through the computer.
If there is no response, there are many reasons.
There may be the following:
1. The AC voltage of the exposure hand switch is not input to the filament control board;
2. There is no voltage output due to filament control board fault of exposure hand switch;
3. Transformer fault in high voltage oil tank of exposure hand switch;
4. The cathode high voltage cable is disconnected;
5. The large or small focus filament of the tube is disconnected.
6. The exposure hand switch itself is faulty
7. Imaging system failure
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