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Use the wireless proximity switch switch correctly

Author:Abby    Time:October 12, 2018

From a theoretical point of view, the higher the temperature of the bulb, the shorter the life. When the first gear of the wireless proximity switch is pressed, the DR device will immediately heat the bulb filament, heating the filament from a warm state to a hot state of about 2000 degrees. After the exposure, the filament temperature drops immediately to protect the filament. The improper use of the wireless proximity switch is easy to damage the tungsten wire, thus shortening the service life of the tube, so we must correctly grasp the use of the wireless proximity switch.
The correct way to press the wireless proximity switch is: after pressing the reserve file, more quickly, in 1-2 seconds time, the second gear of the wireless proximity switch is continuously pressed to complete the exposure, the whole process of reassurance is fast and the wireless proximity switch can not appear button stuck in the brake slot, is the correct use of the wireless proximity switch, thus conducive to the protection of the X-ray machine spherical tube.
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