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The way omron micro switches

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 12, 2018

Omron micro switches is a step, two steps and three steps. Applicable to different types of X-ray machines.But in most cases, two omron micro switches are most widely used. Many people use omron micro switches in an incorrect way. First, omron micro switches press down too slowly. Some operators are used to press the omron micro switches 2 file 2 twice. When the first button is pressed, the exposure green circle will turn off. When it lights up again, press the second button again.If the total press time of level 2 is controlled within 2 seconds, it is completely correct. However, if the operator is still putting the patient in position after pressing level 1, and if the operator is not connected to press level 2, the bulb filament will wait for nothing in the hot state, which will greatly consume the filament life and shorten the bulb life sharply.
Second, the omron micro switches are stuck, and when the resistance is high, or when the key pops up, it is not smooth. In this case, the bulb filament will be heated in vain, severely shortening the tube life. The hand brake needs to be replaced immediately.
But what is the right way to use two omron micro switches? The correct omron micro switches press down. After the light green circle lights up, you can press down the second gear of the handle continuously in 12 seconds to complete the exposure. At the same time, you can hear the sound of exposure hint.
Newheek omron micro switches can meet your different needs.
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