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Use of wireless recievers

Author:Abby    Time:9月 28, 2018

The use of medical wireless recievers on X optical machines is mainly controlled exposure and static imaging.
Therefore, the wireless recievers can be used in various types of X-ray machine, such as: mobile X-ray machine, suspended X-ray machine, portable X-ray machine, bedside machine and so on.
There are many types of wireless recievers, but mainly divided into one gear and two gear, one gear usually directly press the exposure, the second gear hand brake, press the next gear for preparation, press the two gear for exposure, the design of the second gear wireless recievers, mainly to prevent errors triggered, causing unnecessary radiation damage and waste of resources.
Dentists usually choose 1 duty wireless recievers, which can reduce the preparatory operation. Mainly on the body parts of the inspection, medical personnel improper operation, easy to cause hidden dangers, so choose two wireless recievers.
If a dentist wants to keep himself away from radiation, he can choose a custom-made wireless recievers, which has a maximum coil of 10M.
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