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Advantages of double foot activated switch

Author:Abby    Time:9月 28, 2018

Double foot activated switch has been very popular in the market, at present, the foot activated switch is one of our main products, the production of double foot activated switch is relatively large. Foot activated switch is mainly used for X-ray machine diagnosis of illness, used to control dynamic fluoroscopy, is more convenient to use a foot control unit. The foot activated switch is controlled by feet. It takes no time and effort. It controls the time and controls the X ray machine.
The foot activated switch can be divided into three types: single, double and triple. The foot area of the single foot activated switch will be smaller. The use area of the double foot activated switch is larger than the single foot activated switch. It can control the left and right foot alternately. It is convenient to step on the foot switch and can control the medical equipment accurately.
At present, the wire of foot activated switch is marked with 2 meters line, which can meet the needs. The double foot activated switch has a 4-core wire, and the specific wiring mode will be given instructions, or website inquiries.
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