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Use of Newheek 120v foot switch

Author:Abby    Time:1月 17, 2019

Newheek’s 120v x ray foot switch is a special 120v foot switch for medical treatment. It is mainly used in X-ray machine to control perspective. But Newheek’s 120v foot switch has excellent material, which makes the 120v foot switch widely used. The foot brake can not only be used in medical treatment, but also in industry and light industry.
Use of Newheek 120v foot switch
First, from the medical point of view, 120v foot switch can be used for various medical devices, such as: laser scalpel, B-mode ultrasound, film bed, gastrointestinal machine, standing machine, medical bed, dental equipment, ophthalmic optometry equipment. 120v foot switch can also be used in light industrial machinery, such as sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe machines, textile machinery. Uses in manufacturing equipment: 120v foot switch for dispensing machine, welding machine, assembly line, electronic manufacturing equipment, etc. Uses in instrument measuring equipment: foot brake for projector, surveyor, office equipment, calibration tester, airport baggage conveying system, storage system, package sorting system, three-dimensional parking lot.
Use of Newheek 120v foot switch

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