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newheek x-ray hand switch

Favorable comment of hand switch

Author:Alina    Time:1月 17, 2019

Newheek X-Ray expsoure hand switch L01 is a hand-held switch with two-stage grading switch. When the button is pressed, it is released, and it is released. Press the button to the first step, the I-speed is turned on, and all the second-speed is turned on. When the I file is still on, the hand switch is equipped with a fixed bracket.

Customers from Chile gave us feedback after we bought hand switchL01 from Newheek.

Newheek X-Ray expsoure hand switch L01 uses mechanical push rod drive, the switch assembly uses “OMRON” micro switch, longer life and higher sensitivity.

Let me introduce the parameters of Newheek X-Ray expsoure hand switch L01.
Can the L01 core of the 6-meter long switchx be made into 4 cores Crystal Connector of x ray hand switch
Adopt Omron Inner Switch
Mechanical Life of 1,000,000 Times
Super ABS Housing
Electric Life of 200,000 Times
Standard 3-core, 3m-wire 4-core, 3m-wire
3-core, 6m or 10m wire 4-core, 6m or 10m wire, Other requirement
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