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UAE dealer customers consult our exposure hand switch

Author:Lillian    Time:7月 29, 2021

I recently received a customer inquiries about our exposure hand switch, first added the customer’s contact information, and then sent our product information to the customer, asking the customer what kind of machine they want to use the exposure hand switch, the customer said that they would use it to be equipped with a portable The x-ray machine, after confirming the customer’s contact information and delivery address, made a quotation and sent it to the customer. The customer asked what advantages our products have compared to other products?
Our exposure hand switch products are equipped with a two-level grading switch. Press the button to turn on, and release it to turn off. Press the button to the first step to turn on the first step, and all press down to turn on the second position. At this time, the first position is still connected. In the ON state, the exposure hand switch is equipped with a fixed bracket. And we use Omron switches. Most of the Omron switches currently on the market are at the primary and mid-range levels. Therefore, many manufacturers have begun to pay attention to improving the quality and performance of Omron switches to ensure that their competitiveness in the market will not decrease.

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