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About the application of Newheek X-ray foot switch

Author:Lillian    Time:7月 29, 2021

Newheek’s X-ray foot switches can be used in many fields, including medical and industrial non-destructive testing. The application of X-ray foot switch is as follows:
(1) Medical laser knife, B-ultrasound, X-ray machine, medical form, dental equipment, ophthalmology optometry equipment;
(2) Light industry machinery and equipment: sewing machines, ironing equipment, shoe-making machinery, textile machinery;
(3) Manufacturing equipment, bonding machines, assembly lines, and electronic manufacturing equipment;
(4) Instruments and equipment: projectors, measuring instruments, office equipment, calibration and testing instruments, airport baggage handling systems, storage systems, sorting systems, multi-storey parking lots
Our X-ray foot switches are divided into single, double and multiple, and our X-ray foot switches can be customized. The split structure can be easily converted to double or multiple digits.

W X-ray foot switch

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