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The structure of high limit switch is composed

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 27, 2018

High limit switch can be used on different X-ray machines, but do you know what X-ray Exposure Hand Switch is made of?Wire high limit switch is made up of handle, coil, core, bracket and joint.
Newheek cable high limit switch is divided into several models: L01,L02,L05 and L06high limit switch have similar appearance and size, so the bracket can be similar. L03 and L04 handbrake are similar in appearance, so the bracket size is similar.
high limit switch
Besides, the bracket of high limit switch is divided into holes and no holes. With and without words. Generally use the high limit switch with two gears to prevent false trigger.
And our high limit switch is split into three files. The core of hand brake is divided into 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores and 6 cores. Under normal circumstances, the core of two hand locks is 4 or 3.L05,L06high limit switch is a one-step switch, usually 2 cores.
The L03 hand brake is a three-speed switch, usually equipped with 4 or 6 cores.
Then there are coils, and our coils are 3M, 6M and 10M. Meet your different needs.
Finally, Newheek will recommend the high limit switch according to your X-ray machine.
Our high limit switch can also replace the high limit switch of philips and other brands.

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