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How to use pedal button correctly?

Author:Abby    Time:10月 29, 2018

Generally, the pedal button is used to control the perspective process of medical X ray machine. When a doctor is looking through the human body, his hands should manipulate the relevant buttons of the fluorescent screen and aperture, his eyes should carefully observe the lesions, his brain should analyze the nature of the lesions in combination with clinical experience, so he is very busy, complex control operation is easy to make the doctor’s work inefficient, the simple operation of the pedal button brings convenience to the medical staff. .
When using the x ray foot switch, we should pay attention to the correct method of operation. Long-term irregular operation will cause long-term continuous X-ray machine load, easy to exceed the maximum allowable heat capacity and damage or shorten the life of the X-ray machine, which brings great inconvenience to the doctor’s work.
The correct use of the pedal button, to press the button continuously, pause time can not be too long, to be cautious use.
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