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The LO1 X-ray hand switch can be connected to a straight plug

Author:Lillian    Time:10月 12, 2021

Recently, an old customer purchased our LO1 X-ray hand switch, and the effect is still good. This time we purchased the hand switch and we need to weld the plug to them, because the customer chose our hand brake sample for testing. The test results are ideal. This time I want to purchase LO1 X-ray hand switch in bulk. It is necessary to weld the straight plug directly to the LO1 X-ray hand switch. Then they can directly plug it into the equipment after receiving the goods. At present, the customer has Payment, we start to prepare for the production, because the straight plug is based on the supplier specified by the customer, additional purchases are required. After the straight plug arrives, our LO1 X-ray hand switch can be packaged and shipped.
The L01 X-ray hand switch has two positions, the first position is for exposure preparation, and the second position is for exposure start. Under normal circumstances, the wire length is 3 meters, 6 meters and 10 meters, and the number of cores is 2 cores, 3 cores and 4 cores. If the customer needs a large quantity, our company can accept special customization.

LO1 X-ray hand switch

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