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Mobile X-ray machine uses wireless hand switch for exposure

Author:Lillian    Time:10月 11, 2021

The medical equipment company called to ask if our company has a wireless hand switch. The customer is going to modify the exposure method of a mobile X-ray machine, and plans to add a wireless hand switch to expose the mobile X-ray machine. The original intention of the modification is to reduce the staff’s concern. Radiation from mobile X-ray machines.
Mobile X-ray machines have been widely used clinically due to their compactness, mobility, and low power requirements. They solve the filming problems of patients who have been bedridden for a long time and are not easy to move. However, it is precisely because of its mobility that brings new challenges to the radiation protection problems of medical staff. In the design of the ward, it is impossible to fully consider the radiation protection problem as in the dedicated computer room, and it is impossible to separate the lead glass between the medical staff and the patient. In the ward, radiation technicians can often be seen wearing heavy lead clothes. Changing the exposure of the mobile X-ray machine to a wireless hand switch can be used to expose outside the ward, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing radiation.
This wireless hand switch is characterized by a full-duplex mode based on the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, reliable connection, outstanding wall penetration performance; low battery, poor Bluetooth connection have indicator flashing prompts; developed for the characteristics of radiology work Two-level output mode; convenient and easy-to-use receiving end slide rail fixed mode and three-way relay contact output; control mode can be customized according to customer requirements.

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