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The correct method of the exposure switch

Author:Glinda    Time:4月 09, 2019

The exposure switch is a control exposure, ray hand switch’s first and second gear are pressed in a manner that affects the life of the bulb.The higher the temperature of the bulb filament, the shorter its life.When the first gear of the x ray hand switch is pressed, the DR device will immediately heat the bulb filament and immediately reduce the filament temperature to protect the filament after it is exposed from the hot state to the hot state of about 200 degrees or higher.
The correct method of the exposure switch
Newheek suggests the correct way to press the exposure switch is as follows:
After the exposure green circle lights up, you can press the hand brake for 2 consecutive times in 1 to 2 seconds to end the exposure and hear the exposure sound at the same time.
Newheek exposure switch is divided into wired and wireless type, which can provide crystal connector or aviation connector.
Our exposure switch can meet your different needs.

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