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Stephanix x-ray mobiles hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:5月 22, 2018

Stephanix x-ray generators, x-ray mobiles, c-arms etc x ray quipment, such as movix series dream, movix 20, movix 30, movix 40, movix 50 digitized sensor plane, as well as n32hf to n80hf generator, all of them could use Newheek L02 hand switch for control x ray expsoure. L02 hand switch adopts special groove design to let the hand switch looks like more beautiful. As Newheek L02 two buttons hand switch performance are very stable, it can install on the Stephanix x-ray generators and x-ray mobiles completely. Following are the two pictures as reference. Picture 1 is Stephnix x-ray generator console hand switch, and picture 2 is Newheek L02 hand switch, it shows clearly the compatitable characters.

Picture 1: STEPHNIX x-ray generator console hand switch

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Picture 2: Newheek L02 Hand Switch

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