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Newheek Double Action Hand Switch Compared to Omron C2U Push Button Switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:5月 19, 2018

Newheek double action hand switch and omron c2u push button switch difference includes:

1. Outlook materials: Newheek double action hand switch looks like frosting. Omron push button hand switch looks like polishing. Newheek adopts frosting outlook, which could let the hand switch outlook meet the fashion style and when touch its surface, the hand feel more comfortable.

2. Inner design: Newheek double action hand switch adopt double micro switch design. Omron push button switch adopt the mechanical design. Newheek doulbe micro switch design could ensure hand switch with much longer using life.

3. The benefit: As the stronger supporting industry in China, the production cost of Newheek hand switch is lower than omron. Therefore, Newheek double action hand switch will bring much more benefit than omron push button switch.

4. Customize: Newheek is the professonal manufacturer of x ray hand switch, omron is the professional manufacturer of switch. Newheek production field is only focusing on x ray hand switch. Now, Newheek has successful offer more than 1000 x ray hand switch customize solutions for different customers.

If my omron C2U push button hand switch is breakdwon, can I use Newheek double action hand switch for changement?

Sure, Newheek double action hand switch with same function as omron push button switch, you could make changement properly.

Anyway, there is a little different for the wires as follows:

Newheek double action hand switch: 1st action: connect the black and white wire; 2nd action: connect the red and gree wire.

Omron push button switch: 1st action: connect the black and red wire; 2nd action: connect the green and white wire.

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