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Special size X-ray hand switch customization

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 20, 2020

Special size X-ray hand switch A customer from China Changzhou*Electronic Consulting x-ray hand switch, currently its own brand of X-ray machine, mainly for production equipment switch requirements: what equipment is the hand switch used for? How many gears are needed? How many meters are there? What is the annual purchase volume? Does the budget for a single hand switch require additional plugs? The client said they summed it up before telling me.
Customer asked about the first-hand hand switch. The customer asked if it could be made into a matte surface. The customer replied that the customer had sent the drawing of the hand switch, saying that it was used on XR equipment, and asked whether the purchase quantity and budget were not determined.
Regarding the hand switch, the customer wants the L06 type, but they want to make it in the second gear. The customer sends the picture (as shown in the figure below), telling us that it is the first gear, if it is made in two gears, Need to provide samples to us, the customer said that there is no, let me quote the price of L01 3 core 3 meters, the purchase volume is 500/1000 price.

Customer Inquiry about the progress of x-ray hand switch procurement? The customer asked if he could give him a sample of his appearance? Confirm the appearance and return it to us. The customer meant that it was useless to confirm that the appearance ID was not bought back. The engineer decided to buy some tests. Send our hand switch information and video to customers. Agree to mail samples to customers. The customer sends the address to mail L06, saying that L01 is too ordinary and they have it on hand.
The sample of L06 has been mailed, the customer inquires if we can get the user’s sample, can our company customize it? It is necessary to see the samples to be sure. They said that they will come to Shandong for a business trip next week. They may come to our company to discuss the hand switch problem. The hand switch sample has been received, and the ID cannot be accepted in appearance. They will bring samples to discuss next week
The two persons in charge of R&D and purchasing on May 16 plan to bring samples to our company to discuss hand switch customization issues next Tuesday. The samples brought by customers need to be customized for mold opening and let us estimate the cost of customization.
The customer’s drawing has been sent to the mold factory, but the core (with magnet) in the middle is not very clear. It is best to mail the sample, otherwise there will be an error in the cost calculation. The client said that he would implement it more concretely.
It is finally determined that we can open mold customization, if you also need to open mold customization, please contact us!
Special size X-ray hand switch customization

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