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Special handswitch for dental X-ray machine

Author:Glinda    Time:1月 02, 2019

Handswitch is one of the important parts of X-ray machine, so the X-ray exposure hand switch is divided into many types and models.
Newheek handswitch is divided into wired and wireless. Its wired handswitch is divided into 1, 2 and 3 levels according to the scope of application and purpose. It can be divided into six models: L01,L02,L03,L04,L05 and L06.
Special handswitch for dental X ray machine
Among them, L01,L02 and L04 are two levels of handswitch. L05,L06 for the first gear handswitch. L03 is a three-speed handswitch. And they are applicable to different types of X-ray machines.
Special handswitch for dental X ray machines
Dental X-ray machine is the use of a gear handswitch, touch the button, microcomputer control, just one button can quickly and accurately determine the exposure parameters. Secondly, it can be controlled remotely to help doctors keep away from radiation. Quick and accurate exposure and easy operation through first gear handswitch.
Newheek handswitch can also be configured with brackets and connectors. Our handswitch can meet your different purchasing needs.

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