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How many cores does the X-ray exposure switch?

Author:Yevette    Time:1月 02, 2019

Which X-ray machine is suitable for the x ray exposure hand switch?

X-ray exposure switch is mainly used to control X-ray exposure.
Newheek’s 6 models x ray exposure hand switches, L01, L02 and L04, can be made into 4 or 3 cores. Generally, we will default that customers need four cores of X-ray exposure switch if they do not require it.
L05 and L06 belong to the same 1-step x ray exposure switch, so in general, the X-ray exposure with 2 cores is used.
L03 belongs to 3-step switch, which can be made into 4-core or 6-core.
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Which X-ray machine is suitable for the x ray exposure hand switch?Which X-ray machine is suitable for the x ray exposure hand switch?

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