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Special hand switch for remote control transformation of wireless Bluetooth hand switch

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 21, 2020

Special hand switch for remote control transformation of wireless Bluetooth hand switch
Recently, a township hospital said that they have a Wandong DR film machine . They want to make remote control transformation, that is, they want to change the existing wired hand switch into wireless hand switch. In view of this situation of users, we recommend our wireless Bluetooth hand switch (as shown in the figure below),
wireless Bluetooth hand switch
Because the customer is an end-user, he doesn’t know which gear is the first gear and which is the second gear. He tells him that it is very simple. It can be tested with a multimeter, and it is easy to distinguish between the first gear and the second gear. He really doesn’t understand. Find an electrician to test it. As long as he knows the circuit, he will connect the wire. The customer said two might be needed.

Visit customers on the third day, Asked about the purchase progress of the wireless hand switch, the customer asked when our company could install it at home. The customer told us that we don’t install this kind of simple accessories. The installation of the hand switch switch is very simple. If it really can’t be installed, we suggest to find an engineer to install it. When installing, our technical personnel can provide telephone guidance. The customer said that the distance of 10 meters is a little close, The customer said that 10 meters is within the normal range of use, which is enough. The customer said that 10 meters is a little close, and it is not safe. After all, there is radiation. The X-ray machines are all in the protective room, and there is no radiation outside the wall. This is safe and can be used safely. Besides, the medical students are also operating outside the wall, which can not be too far away, so it is convenient to watch the patient’s condition at any time, Most of the Bluetooth products and the quality of our products are good. After all, we are a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience
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