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High quality X-ray exposure hand switch makes radiologists no longer worry

Author:Hand Switch Manufacturer    Time:10月 21, 2020

High-quality X-ray exposure hand switches no longer worry radiologists
High quality X-ray exposure hand switch
During the epidemic period, every patient in jinyingtan hospital took two films at least and four times more from the assessment of admission to the hospital, to the check of progress, to the recovery and discharge. Each shot took 600 to 800 frames. Incomplete statistics, the radiation team’s 21 pairs of eyes, staring at about 1.5 million frames.

This means that the exposure hand switch is pressed much more than 1.5 million times. The mechanical movement times of the hand switch are very many, which is very strict to the exposure hand switch. Once the hand switch has problems, it will affect the normal X-ray Photograph. Fortunately, we have never had problems with the high-quality X-ray exposure hand switch provided by Newheek for the manufacturers of X-ray machines sent to Hubei Province, which greatly guaranteed the process of X-ray Photograph.

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