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Pushbutton switch fault and solution

Author:Glinda    Time:10月 23, 2018

Pushbutton switch is an important part of X-ray machine. The x ray hand switch controls static imaging, and in many cases, the X-ray machine suddenly cannot be exposed, and the pushbutton switch fails.
Newheek summed up a lot about the pushbutton switch failure. Firstly, contact oxidation and poor contact will occur when pushbutton switch is used for a long time. Pushbutton switch in press a gear or second gear will appear a gear does not spring up phenomenon.
pushbutton switch
Secondly, pushbutton switch will break the stick.The root of pushbutton switch will break the wire in the root due to the long pull, thus preventing the exposure of the second gear. As the wire of all hand locks is copper thin wire, the line of pushbutton switch will be broken due to high current.
In order to avoid wasting too much time, the timely treatment of patients is delayed. Some failures can be solved by ourselves as long as we carefully study and analyze the working principle of them. Contact us when you really can’t.
Newheek pushbutton switch adopts mechanical press bar transmission, and OMRON micro switch is adopted for the switch component, with longer service life and higher sensitivity. Our pushbutton switch will minimize the failure.
Our pushbutton switch can also provide you with quality detection services. Meet your different needs.

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